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Abilia will exhibit at RehaCare in Düsseldorf October 6-9

At Rehacare we will present products in the area of Cognition, Communication and Environmental Control. You will find us in Hall 5F09.

Do you want to organize your activities in a way that works for you?
We have developed the way you can see and plan your activities. If you feel challenged or can't use an ordinary calendar and need other cognitive ways of showing time or actions we have solutions that will make your life easier.

If you also want a calculator, note pad, telephone or SMS, our solution includes that functionality as well.

This area has received a lot of attention in recent years. An increasing focus in even more countries on cognitive disabilities will have a positive affect for many.

To be able to communicate is important for all people, it's about beeing able to communicate one's needs, emotions and to act as a independent individual.
Some people has either lost their ability to speak or are born without this gift, then it is good to know that there are technical aids that can help you to communicate and build a brigde over these challenges.

At Rehacare we will present two different Rolltalk models:

Compact Rolltalk is a communication aid for people with speech disabilities. Compact Rolltalk also lets you operate a wheelchair, control your environment, and use mobile phones, e–mail and the Internet.

Micro Rolltalk is a handheld communication aid for people with speech disabilities. The device can be operated with one hand. With Micro Rolltalk can you send and receive SMS. The system comes complete with a range of pre–defined settings that you can then adapt to suit your personal needs. The functions and content of Micro Rolltalk are defined on the basis of the user's situation and interests.

Environmental control allows you to have a single transmitter to remotely control everything in your home. There may be doors, elevators, windows, locks, intercom, telephone, alarm, bed, lights, radio, TV, VCR, stereo and much more. For you, it means that it becomes much easier to talk on the phone, to get in and out of the apartment, changing programs on TV or work on your computer.

We will present to you our new generation remot control the Control Omni with a touch screen. Control Omni suits people who have a strong need to be able to control their environment and who place high demands on function and reliability.

To learn more about RehaCare please visit

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