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RSLSteeper becomes UK Reseller for Abilia Environmental Control Devices

RSLSteeper, the UK's premier provider of assistive technology equipment and products has teamed up with Abilia, a world leader in EC and Cognition technology, to become a reseller for a range of advanced products designed for people with physical disabilities.

The Abilia range of Environmental Control products are designed to help those affected by conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Spinal Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy and Strokes to express themselves and interact with the world around them.

RSLSteeper will be offering the newly released Control Omni to its customers, alongside the existing range of Abilia environmental control devices. With control via either touch screen, or through switch scanning, these products help users with physical difficulties to take control of their environment and their independence.

The new products will join RSLSteeper’s existing range of home communication and home automation products, which are designed to help people who lack full mobility to communicate, open doors, answer telephones and intercoms, and operate a host of electronic devices from lamps and televisions to motorised chairs and beds.

Dave Howson, Director of Assistive Technology at RSLSteeper said:

“We are really pleased to add the Abilia devices to our extensive Assistive Technology product range. The Control Omni provides the first device RSLSteeper have offered which combines Environmental Control and full switch scanning mobile phone functionality.  This will enable us to create new environmental control systems to help an even greater range of users to live more independent lives”

Erland Pontusson, CEO at Abilia commented:

“I’m very pleased to announce our collaboration with RSLSteeper. Their professional and competent organisation will give us a strong foothold in the important UK market and enable us to introduce new innovative products and solutions to many more users outside of the Scandinavian markets”. 

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