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About Environmental control

Environmental control allows you to have a single transmitter to remotely control everything in your home. There may be doors, elevators, windows, locks, intercom, telephone, alarm, bed, lights, radio, TV, VCR, stereo and much more. For you, it means that it becomes much easier to talk on the phone, to get in and out of the apartment, changing programs on TV or work on your computer. The freedom you deserve!

All our products are designed with great care and understanding of people's daily lives and the problems that may arise. No problem is too difficult to solve, and everything can be customized for you. Environmental control can be used in all types of accommodation, service apartments, independent living, hospitals and in the workplace.

People differ and epilepsy seizures are individual. Therefore, there are emergency solutions to suit different needs. In cooperation with the Special Hospital for Epilepsy in Norway, we have developed various epilepsy alarms for different types of seizures.

Abilias' epilepsy alarms are approved in the Hazard Class 2 for medical devices. You can be confident that others will be alerted when in need.

To find the best solution for your situation, we use your knowledge and our experience.

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