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Mary, 70 years, can live at home longer

This is a case study of Mary and how she uses environmental control in her home.

Diagnosis, physical and cognitive functions:
MS, has some function in hands, but weak in her arms. Can not walk or stand upright. Visual impairments, mild cognitive disabilities

Existing helping aids:
Motorised wheelchair inside ⁄ outside, adjustable bed, mobile lift.

Lives by herself in a house, home care several times a day, have security alarms.

Current activity needs:
After a relapse in her illness Mary contacted her occupational therapist. It is clear that there are many housing activities Mary can not do independently any more.

With the transmitter Control Omni, Mary gets a very user–friendly transmitter. From the startpage it’s easy to handle the transmitter and to use environmental control in her home. Clear pictures on the illuminated display, and recorded sound help Mary to find the buttons both at daytime and during the night.

With slightly impaired hand function are Mary able to directly press Control Omnis touch screen. If Mary in the future would require an external switch for a scanning function it is easy to plug in.

Mary can easily reach the transmitter, though it is mounted in a holder on a Miniarm. She has two mini–arms, one fixed to the bed and the other one on the wheelchair.

Marys assistants move Control Omni from her bed to the wheelchair in the morning. At night they make sure Mary reaches the transmitter when lying in bed.

Mary’s daily life has improved tremendously, now she is more independent. Lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair it is possible for Mary, through Control Omni and DuoCom, to talk to the visitor at the door, and actively choose to let the person in or not.

Mary can keep in touch with relatives and assistants through the speaker phone Gewa Tel 200. She can activate the answer button and the phones short numbers from the transmitter. When outdoors Mary has started to use Control Omnis built–in mobile phone. What a feeling to be able to handle a mobile phone! It was long ago she managed to press the buttons on her old mobile. Since it works so smoothly to call with Control Omni, she uses the fixed speaker phone less now days.

Home alone during the day Mary enjoys listening to the radio in the kitchen. She has an old radio model which is now activated by a Relay Unit. With the Relay Unit she can switch on the lights when it is getting darker in the afternoon.

In the living room Mary are able to control the television and stereo. She thinks it’s amazing that what previously required multiple keystrokes on a variety of transmitters, now usually only take one press of a button thanks to the macro programmed into her Control Omni.

Mary also has a TV in her bedroom. There are often early evenings for Mary, when the assistants helps her in to bed. Now she can control the TV, radio, bedside lamp and adjust the bed with Control Omni. A Bed receiver with IR function and Relay Unit has made this possible.

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