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About Abilia

Abilia develops, manufactures and sells aids for persons with disabilities in the areas of Communication, Cognition and Environment Control & Alarm. Our products are easy to use and to adapt.

Abilia is a merger of the four companies Gewa, Falck Igel, Handitek and Toby Churchill. We are located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and UK and with the help of distributors we export our products to over 20 different countries.

We are over 90 employees with a broad expertise covering assistive technology, ranging from rehabilitation engineers and technicians to special education teachers, occupational therapists and speech therapists. We work close to our users, organisations for people with disabilities and with people in special fields. Through our presence throughout Scandinavia and through our international distributors, we gather experience that can be used across national borders.

The name Abilia comes from the word "ability". By providing the opportunity to increase your own ability we want to give everyone, regardless of disabilities, independence and self–confidence in their everyday life.

The merger has enabled us to strengthen our expertise across borders and increased ability to develop innovative products in close collaboration with users and people in the assistive technology field. The strong will and the good ideas that built Gewa and Falck Igel is still present in Abilia!

  • Focus on the user. To always first and foremost consider what is good for the user.
  • Competence. Having expertise in the entire chain; needs analysis – system – installation – customization – support.
  • Respect. To show respect in the encounter with both users, customers and competitors.
  • Professionalism permeate everything we do.
  • Innovation. To encourage innovation to provide value in the form of attractive new aids, and a better business.

Abilia AB, Kung Hans väg 3, Sollentuna, Box 92, 191 22 Sollentuna, Sweden ¦ Org. 556180–3296  Phone +46 (0)8–594 694 00 ¦ Fax +46 (0)8–594 694 19 ¦ info@abilia.se ¦ www.abilia.se
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