Micro Rolltalk P7

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Micro Rolltalk is a handheld communication aid for people with speech disabilities. The device can be operated with one hand. With Micro Rolltalk can you send and receive SMS. The system comes complete with a range of pre–defined settings that you can adapt to suit your personal needs. The functions and content of Micro Rolltalk are defined according to the user’s circumstances and interests and consist of symbols, photo or text.

Micro Rolltalk P7 specifications:
Weight: 226 gram
Measurement: 72 x 130,5 x 24 mm
RAM: 128MB RAM (up to 256MB RAM)
ROM: 256MB ROM (up to 512MB)
Screen: 3,5” touch
Processor: PXA320 806MHz
Operating system: Windows Mobile ®6.5

Communication via Rolltalk
Quick communication – Selecting fields with pre–defined images, text or synthetic speech makes communication quick and easy. You can use the images supplied with Rolltalk, photographs, PCS, Bliss symbols or Pictograms.

Word processing – The system comes complete with a selection of screen keyboards with suggested words and letters. Together with the synthetic speech function, which reads text aloud, this provides unlimited communication options.
It is also possible to combine the quick communication and word processing functions.

Rolltalk Designer
Micro Rolltalk contains Rolltalk Designer which is an intuitive and flexible content programme. Rolltalk Designer provides a unique opportunity for customisinge your personal aid. Rolltalk is supplied with pre–defined user programmes that make it easy to start using the system, and solutions that simplify the customisation of Rolltalk to suit the wishes and needs of the individual user. Rolltalk Designer ensures that Micro Rolltalk can develop and grow with the user’s abilities.

Speech synthesis
Users can choose between several gender–specific speech synthesis options.

Mobile phone and SMS
Text messages can be typed on the on–screen keyboard or by using symbols. SMS messages are sent as texts, while received SMS messages can be viewed on the screen or read out loud.

Operating Rolltalk
Micro Rolltalk is operated via a touch–screen.

Protection and installation solutions
Micro Rolltalk is a portable communication aid. Sometimes it may be useful to mount it to make it easier to carry in different situations. With a table stand or wheelchair mount you can operate Micro Rolltalk in a stable and appropriate position.

With an arm strap you can attach Micro Rolltalk to your arm, and controll it with the opposite hand. This may be a practical solution for people who have difficulties holding Micro Rolltalk in their hands.

A neck strap or chest strap makes Micro Rolltalk instantly accessible all of the time, and you can keep both hands free.

The Micro Rolltalk Package contains:
Rolltalk Designer
Keyguard 1, 4, 9 and 16 keys
Micro SD memory card and adapter
Cleaning cloth
User guides

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