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Handi makes it easier to plan and keep track of daily work, school and leisure tasks. Many people find it difficult to remember what needs to be done, when it should be done or to calculate how long an activity will take. Handi enables you to make future plans and to check back on previous activities.

Size:  120 x 78 x 17 mm
Weight:  165 gr

Handi offers the following functions: Calendar, Album, Price Calculator, Notes, Voice Messages, Image Conversation, Forms, Emergency Plan, Contacts and Music.

The calendar displays scheduled activities in order. The time remaining for an event can be displayed in accordance with the g15–minute principleh. Reminders can be set with advance warning, a whistling sound at the start of the activity and an acknowledgement option. For example, you can connect a telephone⁄SMS contact, a note, a voice message, an album, a checklist or a weekly overview directly to an activity. The clock symbol can be disabled or displayed in digital or analogue form. It is possible to create checklists (e.g. a shopping list) that can be acknowledged with text and images.

The Album function makes it possible to give sequential instructions together with images, text and speech support. This may, for example include how to make coffee, start the washing machine or show photos from your summer holidays.

With the Form function you can create different questionnaires, which, for example, can be used for self diagnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy and data acquisition of important parameters such as sleep quality, side effects, training etc. The answers in the forms can generate an action plan, so that you can get help to make a decision regarding what you should do. With the Answer Form function you can then get an overview of the answers such as statistics, tables or prints. The forms are created using the HandiTools program that is directly connected to a particular Handi⁄Handifon.

This is a safety function for persons requiring an action plan in the event of a possible acute situation.

This function adds up prices, suggests what you should pay and how much change you should get.

Handi is supplied with a large number of images that can be organised in folders that are adapted to the needs of the individual. The speech synthesizer (Graham, Lucy, Peter and Rachel) that comes with it provides good speech support.

Read more about Handi in this compilation of texts

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